Quick Pick® Classic | Guitar Pick Holder


  • Recover quickly if you drop your guitar pick

  • Convenient access to picks without getting in your way while playing


Our Classic quick pick clip features our logo! This handy pick holder clips directly onto your guitar strap, can be adjusted as needed, and won’t slide around as you play. Whether you’re worried about dropping a pick in the middle of a concert or you just want a simple way of storing your picks, our guitar pick holders are for you!



  • Holds up to three picks

  • Made of anodized aluminum on an ABS base

  • Stainless steel

  • Comes with a carrying case for convenience


*The Quick Picks are not recommended for use with thin straps.

Quick Pick® Classic | Guitar Pick Holder


Materials: Assembled by hand in the USA, crafted out of anodized aluminum on an ABS base. The clip is stainless steel.


Dimensions: 1.25" inches wide x 2.5" inches long.


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Assembled by hand in the USA

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