Gitar Quick Pick® - No Axe To Grind | Guitar Pick Holder


  • Recover quickly if you drop your guitar pick

  • Convenient access to picks without getting in your way while playing


By popular demand, we are now offering a solid black pick holder for those of you who are looking for the function but no fuss! The No Axe To Grind Quick Pick® is sleek and discreet. It clips directly onto your guitar strap, can be adjusted as needed, and won’t slide around as you play. 



  • Holds up to three picks

  • ABS base

  • Stainless steel clip

  • Comes with a carrying case for convenience


*The Quick Picks are not recommended for use with thin straps.

Gitar Quick Pick® - No Axe To Grind | Guitar Pick Holder


Materials: Assembled by hand in the USA, crafted with an ABS base. The clip is stainless steel.


Dimensions: 1.25" inches wide x 2.5" inches long.


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Assembled by hand in the USA

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